Private Mountain Bike Instruction

Private instruction is available for anyone looking to gain the most from their mountain biking. The day is tailored to individual requirements and offers the most efficient training for you to improve your mountain bike skills.

We use some photos and videos where appropriate to assist with your learning and will give you a written summary of the day leaving you with specific points to improve on and a summary of relevant teaching points.

Read what journalist Dan Roberts had to say about his days Private Instruction in October 2007 here

Price for a full days individual private instruction is £160 or £90 for a half day and is available most midweek days and also at the weekend at all of the locations we use.

Private Group Instruction

Private Group Instruction days are tailored to specific requirements. A variety of days have been run from those who wish to have a combination of the Core and Trail Centre Skills courses combined to teach correct approaches and skills over obstacles, groups of friends wishing to improve their mountain bike skills or those just starting out who want to know how to mountain bike with confidence.

Prices for private mountain bike instruction are as follows:

Full day (6 hours) £160 for 1 person
£200 for 2 people (£100 per person)
£270 for 3 people (£90 per person)
£300 for 4 people (£75 per person)
5 or more riders is £70 per person

Half day (3 hours)
£90 for 1 person
£120 for 2 or more riders
Please contact us to discuss your aims and requirements and to get an idea of what we could offer you for the day.

"it is good to know what I can do and why I should do them so feel I have benefited greatly" Deborah (July 12)

"I really enjoyed the instruction and you gave me some great insight into the skills I'm looking to improve"
Shreyas (November 12) "Thanks for the great day and thanks for the feedback. I have been practising hard and your suggestions are slowly sinking in. It is useful to have written comments as I can return to them to remind myself of how to progress" Phil (March 2013)
private mountain bike skills instruction private mountain bike skills instruction