Fundamental Mountain Bike Skills Courses

This course is aimed at those completely new to mountain biking. If you have never ridden off road or feel the core skills course may to too intensive for you.

We don’t expect you to be a fitness freak but just generally active once or twice a week, the course is 5 hours long but is structured for a total riding distance is about 6 miles at an easy pace. We like to run a short (optional) ride at the end of the day for those who would like to ride a little and see more of the local terrain.

If you have already ridden off road or are an experienced cyclist we would suggest you may like to consider the Core Skills Course which moves at a faster pace, with steeper hills where a higher level of fitness assumed.

Course Prerequisites

You must be able to ride a bike on tarmac and ideally be able to balance the bike out of the saddle, we don't expect any experience of off road cycling. With small group numbers we tailor the course to you on the day which means we can take you to the level of the Core Skills Course on that day if you are willing and able!

If you feel your cycling (or lack of it!) is below this level of course please contact us to discuss your options as we can offer private instruction sessions, from teaching you to ride a bike through to improving your confidence and skills on tarmac.

What you will learn

The following modules are covered during the course:

- Bike set up - Rider positioning
- Hill techniques (starting on slopes and progressing to steeper hills) uphill and downhill
- Cornering techniques for efficient riding and grip
- Line choices (mud, gravel, tree roots etc.)
- Small drops offs (steps, roots, logs etc)
- Front Wheel Lifts
- Balance techniques

Course Details

All courses run 10am till approx 3pm

Cost: Ј70 per person (includes all instruction and Permit to Ride)

Courses run at the following locations Harlestone Firs, Northamptonshire, Rushmere Park Woburn


You will need need a mountain bike to get the most out of this course however a hybrid bike with knobbly tyres would cope with the more gentle obstacles but still give you an opportunity to practice and enjoy the day, cyclocross bikes are not suitable for the course.

We have bike hire available, please book when making your couse booking (Ј30 per course - includes helmet if required)

2015 Course Dates

Courses are running on the following dates;

June 13th (Harlestone Firs)

August 1st (Rushmere Park)

September 5th (Harlestone Firs)

October 10th (Rushmere Park) - women only - 5 places available

November 7th (Harlestone Firs) - places available If there are a minimum of 3 of you we can also run a private day for you - please contact us to discuss in more detail. Reserve your place and make your booking now!

Instruction Group on the skills course Woburn steps drop off - the largest one group mountain biking in Bedfordshire