Full Suspension Mountain Bikes under $1000

Full suspension Mountain Bikes are a very specialized breed of bike. These bikes are constructed with both front and rear top of the range designs, giving them a strong damper on both ends to smooth out riding.

As one would expect the biggest and most obvious benefit that such perfectly designed bicycles have over the single more rigid, hard tail is that of a more comfortable ride. With this comes an increased level of control and with more control comes safer riding, something very important when mountain biking. Though as with all things there will be some obstacles and the most obvious problem is the price tag. Such bicycles are not for a rider on a low budget as these types of bicycles will run well over one thousand dollars.

Another big difference and downside is the added weight that these bicycles have because of the differing hardware. Because of this they can be less efficient, although this becomes less of an issue dependant on the goals of the rider and the location of the riding. It is true that a hardtail is going to be more efficient while traveling on more smooth terrain however on terrain that is less than perfect, rocky or hilly the full suspension will take over and show its colors.

A hard tail will be more efficient when working through smooth terrain, but once things start to become less than perfect the innovative technology will take over. When dealing with a lot of hill work and rocky terrain, riding with one of these bicycles will make far more sense.

The sweet spot is an average, good overall design however you can truly from it while being seated, the single pivot is a simple very active design but location of the pedal very important, the rocker design is another very active design but really only best for downhill and finally the horst-link is thought to be the best overall design but requires more overall maintenance is comes with a higher cost of the product.

Although mountain bikes are not without their drawbacks, it must be mentioned that for those keen riders who are suited to them and for riders with an average budget who are in a position to purchase them these bicycles make quite a great ride.

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